General Contractors Website Design Services

Contractor web design doesn’t need to be boring. At BMG Media, we’ve successfully completed 1,000+ projects and are the proud winner of 25+ industry awards.

Our team will create a stunning site that generates leads for your business and results in more quotes for your service.

Web Design for General Contractors Benefits

We offer contractor web design that helps your company stand out, with stunning features, an eye-catching portfolio and lead gen pages that convert. Clients choose us because we offer:

Enhanced Online Presence

Our contractor web design services enhance your online presence. Your website will come SEO-optimized and ready to rank in the search results. As you add more content and get more links, your site will rise in the search results and be one of the first sites that potential leads see.

Showcase Your Portfolio

Your work speaks for itself. We’ll add a quick and easy way to showcase your portfolio of past jobs, allowing you to “wow” leads and book more estimates. Add new items to your portfolio, remove old ones and keep your customers intrigued by your exceptional work.

Increased Credibility

46% of potential customers will judge your business by your website. BMG Media’s team will create a website that focuses on credibility building to help you gain the trust of visitors and help enhance your credibility so that leads pick up the phone and call you for a quote on their project.

Better User Experience

Custom websites perform better. Themes are an easy way to get a site up and running, but they lack the personality of your business. Our team creates websites that embrace your personality as a contractor and convey that in a website that is easy to navigate and enhances the user experience.

Lead Generation

A webpage without traffic doesn’t benefit your business. At BMG Media, we’ll integrate key design elements that help your company generate more leads, close more deals and benefit from online search traffic.

Stay Competitive

Contractor web development evolves over time. We’ll add timeless design concepts to your site, such as responsive web design, to allow your site to remain competitive as device styles change. We use cutting-edge practices to allow your website to rank in the search results and attract leads for years to come.

How Do We Create Contractor Website Design in BMG Media?

Every design concept we implement is done with precision to allow for a streamlined, painless process that goes from site ideation to fruition. Our process begins with your goals.

Define Your Goals & Website Planning

As a developer, we know that web design for general contractors must start with your goals. What do you want from your site? Lead generation? Easy estimate scheduling? A place to showcase your portfolio?

Our team will listen to your goals and start planning a website that ticks off all of your must-have elements.

Design and Layout

Next, your contractor web design will go through a leading designer, who will work through your goals and plan that we discussed in the first step and bring it to life. We’ll start with the UI, drafts and sketches to develop a design and layout you love.

Content Creation

Your site does more than just promote your business – it also informs potential customers about your services, their benefits and more.

Content creation will play an important role in your site’s development, and we can help with this step. We have a network of copywriters who can assist with creating the content for your service pages, blog posts and more.

Functionality and Features

Now that we have a design for your site and some content, we can work on another important step: the functionality and features of your general contractor website design.

Do you want to invite customers to book an estimate or offer free quotes on your site? Maybe you have special features that you want to offer. During this step, we’ll work on developing those features for you to help build the site you envision.

Test and Review

One of the most important steps in contractor web development is the testing and reviewing of the site. Our team will take your site for a test drive to ensure all pages function properly.

We’ll review your site and its content to ensure that everything is ready for launch and deployment.

Launch and Deployment

Web design for contractor businesses is a multi-step process, and the final step is the most exciting one: the launch of your site.

Now that we’ve designed, reviewed and tested your site, it’s time to go live. Once our team has deployed your site, you can start directing visitors to your web pages.

Why BMG Media?

5-Star Reviews & 25+ Industry Awards

Why settle for anything less than the best for your general contractor website design?

BMG Media has received 5-star reviews across the web and more than 25 industry awards since opening in 2009.

Experienced & Creative Professionals

At BMG Media, we live and breathe creativity. It is our passion, and we love what we do. When you work with us, you get peace of mind that you’re partnering with experienced creative professionals.

We know what it takes to develop sites that build brand awareness and convert visitors into clients.

Designs That Speak to Your Audience

At BMG Media, we don’t believe in creating a cookie-cutter web design for contractor businesses. Our team will create a custom design that speaks to your audience – whoever they may be – and builds your brand.