Apple’s App Store has 1.6 million apps. Our iOS app development services can help you release your own custom app to stay connected to consumers, expand your marketing and boost your revenue.

Custom iOS App Development Benefits

Mobile apps benefit businesses of all sizes, allowing them to:

Enhanced Branding

Our iOS app development company creates apps that enhance your branding. Your target audience is part of the 1.46 billion people who have an iPhone. We’ll design a stunning, intelligent app that enhances your branding and allows you to maintain a strong touchpoint with customers.

Seamless Integration

We live and breathe development. We integrate your current solutions into the mix when planning our iPhone app development services. Seamless integration will empower your brand to provide an exceptional experience for users across devices.

Optimal Performance

Slow, buggy apps are the ones people uninstall the moment they run them for the first time. Our iOS app development services follow industry best practices, including fast algorithms that have been refined to keep devices of all ages running smoothly.

Security and Privacy

iOS users are known for being tech-savvy. We develop all apps to be as secure and private as possible. Focusing on security reduces the risk of a hacker stealing crucial data from users and will allow users to confidently install and run your app.

Requirements and Analysis

Mobile app development iOS requires a full understanding of your intended user base. You only have one chance at a successful launch. Our team will work closely alongside your business’s stakeholders to understand the goal of the app, must-have features and what future iterations may incorporate.

UI/UX Design and Prototyping

Our iPhone app development services will begin with prototyping the app and intense UI/UX design. We’ll create a user-friendly design concept that we’ll then send to you for approval. This stage allows us to move into the actual development process.

App Development and Coding

Let’s bring your app to life. At this stage in our iOS app development services, we’re ready to start developing and coding your app.

This stage can take some time, but rest assured that our talented developers will be working hard on your project until it’s ready for the testing phase.

Testing and Quality Assurance

One of the most important steps in the app development process is testing and quality assurance. You can have the best-looking and most user-friendly app in the world, but if things aren’t working as intended, users will never open your app again. We’ll test your app and go through the best practices for quality assurance to ensure your app runs like a well-oiled machine.

Deployment and App Store Submission

Your app has been designed, tested and approved by your team. All that’s left to do is deploy and submit your app to the App Store. We’ll take care of this process for you, saving you time and helping you get a jumpstart on promotion.

Why Choose BMG Media for iPhone App Development Services?

25+ Industry Awards

iOS application development services from experienced professionals. BMG Media has earned more than 25 industry awards since opening our doors in 2009. We love what we do, and our reputation for success has helped us earn awards from respected industry organizations, like Clutch, Expertise and more. Design and development are all that we do. Our experience and dedication will ensure that your app is everything you envision and more.

We are a Creative & Experienced Team

We are a team of passionate and talented creatives. Our iOS app development services are led by team members with years of experience in the field. We know what it takes to develop an iOS app and the importance of design in building a user-friendly, intuitive platform that your clients or customers will love.

Your One-Stop Shop for Design

At BMG Media, we can do more than just custom iOS app development. Our well-rounded team of professionals can also help with your other design needs, including:
Custom web development.

We work with clients in a wide range of industries, from startups to retail, hospitality, real estate, finance and more.