Commercial 3D Rendering Services

Bring your design to life with BMG Media’s commercial 3D rendering. We bring your ideas from concept to three-dimensional renderings with stunning detail, realistic textures, color, lighting and shading.

Custom Commercial 3D Rendering Features

Our team of 3D design specialists is at your disposal, offering you the benefit of:

Realistic Visualization

Realistic renderings allow you to visualize how your commercial space will look, from the outside of the building to the interior floors, walls, décor and offices. We provide the industry’s most realistic visuals so that you can work with your team to decorate the space or make key changes before the build is complete.

Architectural Accuracy

Your 3D commercial renderings are architecturally accurate. You'll be able to see every last detail of your commercial space, from the paint color on the walls to accurate dimensions and how furniture will fit in the space.

Interior Design Showcase

Commercial 3D rendering can include a full interior design showcase. You'll be able to see how the interior of the space looks empty and how it looks filled with reception areas, desks, seating areas and even artwork on the walls. We can take recommendations from your designers, add them to the space and help you visualize how they’ll look in real life.

Exterior Showcase

Our commercial 3D rendering services will provide a showcase of your commercial building’s exterior, too. You’ll know what the building’s exterior looks like with cars parked outside, in the evening when the sun starts going down and even on a rainy day.

Lighting Simulation

BMG Media’s commercial architectural rendering services include cutting-edge lighting simulation, allowing you to view shadows and lighting with stunning realism. We’ll create different lighting scenarios so that you can see how the interior of the space looks with numerous window positions, when it’s sunny or dark outside.

Material Representation

3D commercial renderings can help you visualize what the materials will look like once the building is constructed. 

Material representation is a valuable benefit of 3D rendering services because it will bring your project to life. You can see how the light will reflect against the material or how it will look in the environment.

Exploring the 3D Commercial Rendering Process

Conceptualization and Modeling

The first step in our commercial architectural 3D rendering process is conceptualization and modeling. We’ll finalize your ideas and concepts, and then start working on modeling.

Lighting Setup

One of the most important steps in our 3D commercial renderings services is lighting. Our team will work carefully and diligently to ensure that the lighting in your rendering is realistic.

Material and Texture Application

To make your commercial 3D rendering more realistic, we’ll add materials and textures to the models. 

Applying materials and textures will help you visualize what the building will look like when it’s finally constructed.

Branding and Identity Integration

Next, we’ll work on integrating branding and identity into your renderings. Branding is important for marketing and presentation purposes.

Test Renders and Feedback

Once all of these elements are in place, we’ll create test renders and get your feedback. Our 3D commercial rendering team will make changes based on your feedback and then move on to the final stage.

Final Renders and Presentation

The final step in our process is to create the final renders and present them to you and your team.

You can then use your renderings in marketing and presentations.

Why Choose BMG Media?

We’re a Highly Awarded Agency

BMG Media is a highly awarded company, receiving more than 25 industry awards since launching our business. 

Over the last 10+ years, we have worked on more than 1,000 websites and received 5-star ratings across the web. 

Our results and testimonials speak for themselves. 

We’re a Creative & Experienced Team

When you choose BMG Media, you get peace of mind that your commercial architectural rendering services will be performed by experienced creative professionals.

Our team has years of experience in the industry. Creativity is at the heart of what we do, and we are passionate about creating 3D renderings for commercial and home developers.

We Have Industry Experience

Throughout our history, we have worked with a variety of businesses across a number of industries, from real estate to house construction, hospitality, manufacturing, small businesses, finance and more. 

We know your industry and your needs.