BMG Media — Custom WordPress Development Company

WordPress powers 43% of the 1.8 billion websites on the Internet. At BMG Media, our WordPress development company can help your brand stand out from the sea of hundreds of millions of other sites.

Why Does Your Business Need Custom WordPress Web Design & Development?

Custom sites can still run on WordPress, allowing you to use a CMS that you know and love, but your site will be:

  • 100% unique – not a generic theme
  • Built to meet your business’ needs
  • Optimized for speed and conversions 

We work alongside your team to create a fluid, responsive website that elevates your workforce, improves productivity and drives sales.

With our services, you can:

Save Money & Time

Don’t waste weeks on what our WordPress development company can do in days. We’ll develop your site, test it and make any revisions you want in a fraction of the time. Save time and money by hiring our team.

Build a Brand Identity

WordPress web development services help you build a brand that you can be happy growing. Our team can help with WordPress and creative elements of your site, including matching your brand color palette, adding your logo, socials and more.

See Better Rankings in Search Engines

Custom WordPress web design also helps you rank better. Website owners must prepare their sites to be “update-proof” and rank highly in the search results. We follow development best practices, including adding in the SEO elements that a standard WordPress install lacks.

Leverage the Experience of WordPress “Gurus”

We know WordPress better than 99% of developers. Decades of combined experience allow us to know what features you need to be developed, how we can make the CMS work for you and ways to push the platform to meet your feature and functionality requirements.

Website Development on WordPress Process

Custom WordPress web design takes place through a multi-step process:

UX Design

Your users come first. UX encourages your visitors to take action where you want.  Define the customer journey by creating an experience that drives loyalty and sales. Our WordPress development agency creates, tests and refines the UX design to make your website easy to use for your visitors.

UI Design

User interface goes harmoniously with UX. Our team of developers works alongside the creative team to help develop a fast, responsive site that is on-brand. We follow best practices, pay close attention to visual elements and add them to your WordPress site.


BMG Media is more than just a WordPress development company. We can develop plugins and themes in:

  • PHP
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript

Our team is also proficient in Python, React and other languages that allow us to develop custom websites that our users love.

Benefits of Custom WordPress Web Design

WordPress web development services benefit our clients in many ways.

Customization is Easy

WordPress is the world’s leading CMS because you can leverage creative design and custom web design to meet your business’ needs. We’ll design a theme and develop plugins that work seamlessly with the latest version of WordPress and will be easy for your team to customize as your demands change and evolve.

Massive Community

Custom WordPress web design helps you get your site online and in front of visitors. WordPress’ community is massive, allowing you to find support for any of your needs. CEOs, owners and managers have a wealth of free information available to them within the community.

Low Learning Curve

The community offers an easy way to learn and master WordPress’ CMS. In-house web managers can easily log into the platform, add posts, reply to comments, install plugins and do it just like they do on their own personal sites. As a blogging platform, WordPress is the most well-known in the world.

Easy to Scale

WordPress runs some of the world’s largest websites. The platform is designed to scale to meet your growing traffic. Custom development pushes the site’s ability to scale further by optimizing code, removing bloat and following coding best practices.

Integration with the Leading Tools

Hundreds of millions of websites run WordPress, and you’ll find plugins and integrations from some of the largest tools in the world. Integrate your social media, SendGrid, Box, Notion, Basecamp and others in a matter of seconds.


Our developers run extensive security testing on all of the sites we develop to ensure that they follow security best practices and are hardened as much as possible. We take a security-centric approach to all the development our team handles.

Why Choose Us?

BMG Media’s commitment to excellence is driven by:

  • 1,000+ happy clients who love their website
  • 10+ years of experience in the exciting world of web development
  • Clean, optimized coding that pushes WordPress to the limit
  • Curiosity to develop new solutions for our clients, including features, plugins and themes
  • Scalable design practices that help your site run flawlessly when you have one or 1,000+ users on it at a time

Work with an award-winning WordPress development company that has won 25+ awards – and growing.

Our team of created and experienced developers offers cutting-edge website development on WordPress that accelerates websites to be faster, better and more appealing to your visitors.

If you want to be the best in the business, you must work with the best WordPress development company in the USA.

We’ll develop a custom WordPress site that blows the competition out of the water and helps your business grow in the process.