Local Business Website Design Services

BMG Media’s local business website design helps your company develop an online presence and generate local leads. Our team has completed 1,000+ websites – yours can be next.

Why Do You Need a Website for Your Local Business?

Whether you offer products or services, 73% of small businesses have a local website. Your business must establish its online presence ASAP if you want to attract leads in your area from highly targeted leads.

Online Presence

Web design for local business helps you build an online presence. Your customers or clients are online, searching for businesses just like yours. Help them to find you with a stunning website that builds trust and credibility.

Credibility and Trust

Web design for local businesses – done right – will help you build credibility and trust. 38% of users will abandon a website if it’s poorly designed. Our developers and designers will develop a site that keeps people engaged.


A website for local business owners is a gateway to a billion potential leads. Your local website will allow you to be visible online. Add your website to Facebook, Google Reviews, Yelp and other portals where your local audience is already searching.

Information Hub

Our design team will create a local business website design CMS that empowers you to add informational content, knowledge bases and more to your site. Your customers and clients can refer to your site to answer their questions, and you can also invest in content marketing to further promote your business.

24/7 Accessibility

As a local website design firm, we know that your brick-and-mortar business cannot be open 24/7. Your site lets you keep your “doors” open day and night. Attract leads, make sales and earn money while you’re asleep.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Conventional marketing is expensive, but online marketing is affordable. You can promote your local website on Google, social media, your favorite website and anywhere you want online. Local advertising is a cost-effective way to make sales and grow your business.

Local Business Website Development Process in BMG Media 

BMG Media follows a proven web design process that led to 25+ industry awards, including:

Define Your Goals and Objectives

Web design for local businesses should match your goals and objectives. Our team will work closely with your stakeholders to define your goals and better understand how we need to design your site to meet your objectives.

Plan Your Website Structure

Local business website design must follow a local structure and include the key elements that your visitors expect in your niche. We’ll work off of your goals and objectives to create this structure.

Design Your Website

Now that we have a plan for your website, we can move on to the most exciting stage: local business website development.

Your designer will get to work creating mockups for your pages and UI. Once approved, we can move on to the development of your site and another important element: content.

Content Creation

As a local website design company, we’ve worked hard to develop a network of supporting service providers, including content creators.

If you need custom content for your website, we can help.

If you already have your content ready to go, we’ll get to work incorporating it into each page of your website.

Contact Forms and Calls to Action

Your website can help you build your brand and generate leads. But it’s important to give your visitors some direction so that they know how to take the next step.

We’ll ensure that your site has the right calls to action to encourage visitors to contact you, schedule a call or make a purchase.

We’ll also add contact forms that make it easy for leads to get in touch.

Testing & Launch

We’ve done all of the planning and development for your webpage. It’s time for one of the most important steps: testing and launch.

Our team will follow the best practices for testing before and after your launch to ensure that your site is working as intended and running optimally.

Why BMG Media?

25+ Industry Awards, 5-Star Reviews

BMG is proud to be the recipient of over 25 industry awards and 5-star reviews across the web. Since our founding, we have completed over 1,000 projects with clients across the world. 

When you work with our team, you can be confident that you’re partnering with a team of talented professionals.

A Team That Lives and Breathes Creativity

We’re more than just a local website design company. We live and breathe creativity. We can’t help it – we love what we do.

We stay on top of the latest advancements and best practices in the industry to ensure that we’re taking a forward-thinking approach with every project.

Experience in a Wide Range of Industries

Our agency has worked with businesses in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Real estate
  • Consumer goods
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Restaurants
  • More

We understand your business and your market. Our experience and knowledge help us create stunning websites that resonate with your audience.