When it comes to web design and development, few web-hosting platforms maintain the power, flexibility, versatility, and customization that WordPress offers. With a virtually endless limit of customization and personalization options, there’s a reason why so many of today’s leading businesses and organizations choose WordPress as their primary hosting platform. In addition to their built-in SEO tools, metrics and analytics, and custom coding, WordPress also offers third-party plugin support.

These third-party plugins serve as an extension of a WordPress site, ultimately adding new and exciting features created by third-party companies that can be seamlessly integrated into virtually any WordPress layout, theme, or custom website. However, the third-party plugin market is still growing, and there are still a number of features, widgets, and functions that businesses would still love to see on their WordPress site.

At BMG Media we work with leading businesses and organizations to create completely customized WordPress plugins that can be seamlessly integrated into any WordPress site. In addition, we can also create a suite of plugins that you can in turn offer your own clients as part of a more comprehensive solution.