Our goal is to identify the tedious tasks that your employees are plagued with, and to figure out a way to automate them, which will increase their productivity, and reduce unnecessary stress & frustration.

Programming Technologies We Love

Data & Hosting

Cloud Hosting
& Security

We deploy our solutions in multiple environments. Most commonly we are experts in Amazon Web Services (AWS), WP Engine and Rochen Host.


If you have data in an Excel document, CSV, MySQL, or MSSQL database that you need to move, or reconstruct, our developers can write scripts to convert your data into a properly formatted database.

Benefits of a custom Application

Utilize Employee Time Better

With automation, the tasks that eat up your employees time can now be shifted to something more important.

Eliminate Human Error

By utilizing formulas and scripts, our calculations and tasks will remove the possibility of human error.

Online Storage
(no paper)

Filing papers is outdated, a headache, and a potential security risk. Let us create systems for you that will automatically file information in an organized and secure fashion.”

Searchable Content

Utilizing database integrations, we have the ability to run reports and search information in new ways unavailable in your current business practices.

Data Analytics

Reporting has never been easier, with the metrics you would like to see in a PDF, E-mail or online dashboard viewable in real time from your PC or mobile device.

3rd Party Software Customization

Slack Plugin Customization

If you use slack to communicate with your team let us create a plugin that will alert you when you receive a sale, lead or general integration with your current business practices.

Wordpress Plugin Creation

BMG Media can create custom Wordpress plugins and easily implement them in your current or new Wordpress install. The possibilities are endless!

Potential Integrations

API Integration with other systems

Do you use 3rd party systems? If they have an API (Application program interface) we can integrate a solution that allows you to utilize these systems within your own dashboard or application enhancing your available functionality.

Marketing automation

Do you receive leads via web or customer requests that don’t convert? With marketing automation, we can follow up with these customers automatically with templated emails that has a look and feel that aligns with your brand.

E-Mail / Text Message solutions

Utilizing 3rd party systems, we can integrate E-Mail or Text Messaging solutions so you can alert, market and communicate with customers easily. We are versed in the following platforms to name a few: MailChimp, Mandrill, SendGrid, aWeber, Constant Contact, Sharp Spring.

Payment Solutions

Do you need to process one time payments, split payments or subscriptions? Not a problem, we have integrated systems using BrainTree, Paypal, Stripe and