Custom packaging design influences 7-in-10 people’s purchasing decisions. We add the branding, color scheme and elements to your packaging to stand out in a sea of competitors.

Why Do You Need a Custom Package Design?

Our custom branding package hits on the psychology of consumers to entice them to pick up your product, read about its features or ingredients and choose your product over a competitor.
How do we do it?

We take a proven approach to packaging that boosts sales and revenue by focusing on:

Brand Identity

Custom package design centers around your branding. Your logo and brand invoke feelings from consumers. If you’ve built a strong, trustworthy brand, your packaging can be the differentiating factor between choosing a competitor’s product or your own.

Consumer Appeal

First impressions matter. A simple color change, wording, text spacing or even packaging shape can improve consumer appeal. Custom packaging design helps your product get noticed, allowing it to be a top choice among consumers.

Product Protection

Broken or damaged products lead to poor customer reviews and a lackluster reputation. Our team focuses on following product protection best practices that keep your product in pristine condition even after transport or rough handling.

User Experience

Finally, custom product packaging design must be easy to open. Frustration-free packaging and design concepts are immensely popular because they improve user experience. We add special touches to your packaging that help consumers breathe a sigh of relief when opening your packaging.

How We Create Custom Branding Package

Custom packaging design is more than putting your logo on a box and filling it with Styrofoam to reduce breakage. Our team uses a streamlined process that helps you sell more products, reduce the risk of item breakage and fits in with your brand strategy.

Conduct Market Research

What does your market demand? What are your competitors doing to improve their packaging? What are the industry standards that we should follow? We conduct in-depth market research to develop and design packaging that meets the needs of your customers.
Market research helps us hit on the pain points and design concepts that your consumers expect.

Develop Brand Strategy

Custom box package design must fit into your brand’s overall strategy. If you don’t have one in place, our team will work closely with you to create a brand strategy that empowers your business and gives it every opportunity to be successful.

Logo Design & Typography Selection

The next step in the custom package design process is to work on logo design and typography selection. This step is one of the most important, so we’ll take the time to thoroughly discuss your vision and goals. The logo and typography you choose for your packaging will reinforce your brand image, communicate your values and create visual appeal for your customers.

Revisions and Feedback

Creating the right custom product packaging design takes time. At this stage, we’ll present our designs for your review and make revisions based on your feedback.

Our Work

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Why Choose BMG Media for Custom Packaging Design?

Highly Awarded Agency

Creativity is our passion, and we aim to take innovative approaches to all of our projects, whether we’re creating a website, custom software or custom packaging design.
Our ability to think outside of the box has helped us win more than 25 industry awards. Let’s work together to see how we can innovate your packaging design.

Creative & Experienced Team

We are a team of experienced and creative professionals who live and breathe design. We’ll work closely with you to create a custom branding package that will help build your brand, win consumer trust and make your product more appealing. We also offer custom illustrations and graphic design to further enhance your packaging. Since our founding in 2009, we have served more than 1,000 clients across the globe. No matter your industry or the size of your business, we are sure to find a design solution that works for your brand.